Can Dogs and Cats See Spirits?
The Dog Breeds Bible says that there is no proof that dogs see ghosts, although many owners believe they can. Dogs are able to detect phenomena that humans cannot, such as impending natural disasters. Animal Planet reveals that dogs detect sounds and smells well beyond the human range. Dogs also have excellent eyesight and enjoy clear, detailed vision at great distances.
Because their senses are so much more acute than human senses, dogs often seem to hear and see things undetected by their owners. Animal Planet also explains that certain dogs are able to detect serious illnesses, such as cancer, long before diagnosis occurs. In addition, some dogs act distressed when someone in their human "family" is killed or injured in an accident. The reasons for this remain unclear.
Dogs are not the only animals with senses that surpass human sight, sound, hearing and smell. Cats also excel in these areas, and they also have phenomenal night vision. Cat owners who believe their feline companions see the dead often think this because of bizarre and seemingly inexplicable behavior. For example, cats often stare at empty spaces for long periods of time and sometimes appear to be following something invisible around the house.
Some dogs and cats display other potentially supernatural sensitivities, including the ability to detect impending death. The most famous case involves Oscar, the resident cat at a Rhode Island nursing home who predicted more than 50 patient deaths during a five-year span.