Date of Investigation:  09/12/2009                                                   File#: 003-09-12-2009

Place of Investigation:  Cedar Grove Cemetery,Flushing, New York


Reported  accounts of paranormal events:

Voices, Apparitions, Workers tools missing

Description and or history Of building or place:

Old Union cemetery was moved from Brooklyn to Cedar Grove Cemetery in Flushing to build a school . 20,000 remains were removed and re buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery and most with out there headstones and missing body parts





1 Camcorder

2 Digital Recorders

2 Digital Camera

Weather:  Cool / Dry                                  Temp.   64*                             Humidity: 30% 

Barometric Pressure:  N/A                         Moon Phase: N/A

Accounts of paranormal events during investigation:


Personal accounts of investigators during investigation:


Conclusion of investigation:

After reviewing the data collected, there were no paranormal events documented during the investigation. After speaking to the employees of the cemetery,we feel that the cemetry maybe re investigate the cemetery. This case is still open.