Date of Investigation: November 3, 2012                                                      File#: 11- 3 - 2011 - 1

Place of Investigation:  Northeast Queens, NY

Witnesses accounts of paranormal events:

Workers reported Voices, Missing or moved tools, strange banging noises, Footsteps on staircase 


Brief description and history Of building or place:  

One family , two story wood frame house, built pre 1900 . There were Two owners of the house. First owner was the Peterson Family from pre 1900 to 1913. Grabher family from 1913 to 2005. In 2005 the old house was taken down and three new houses are currently being built on the property.



Larry, Jimmy 



2 Digital Recorders

KII Meter

2 Digital Camera's


Weather: Clear Temp. 45+

Humidity: Ukn.

Barometric Pressure: Ukn.

Moon Phase: Ukn.

Documented accounts of paranormal events during investigation

Strange banging, EVP's

Personal accounts of investigators during investigation:

While sitting on the floor their was a bang under jimmy

Footsteps and shuffling  around the buildingConclusion of investigation 

The investigators had several strange occurances while conducting the investigation. After reviewing the data collected during the investigation, there were several EVP's captured. We feel that a re investigation with a larger crew is needed to properly conduct a more through  investigation of the property.



Const.Invest EVP 15. she likes them.mp3

Const.Invest EVP 9. why.mp3

Const.Invest.EVP2 Breath.mp3

Const.Invest EVP 19. Talking.mp3


Const.Invest EVP 12. yea.mp3