Date of Investigation:    05/05/2011                        File#: 01-05-2011

Place of Investigation:  College Point, New York

Witness  accounts of paranormal events:

Apparitions, Voices, Foot steps, Knocking, Banging


Brief description and history of building or place:

The house was built in 1925 and has had an unknown amount of former owners. The house had resent renovations done. No other information at this time.  



Larry, Sara, Ian, John

Guest: Viktoria



 1 Camcorder 

 1 EMF Detectors

 1 Digital Recorders

 4 I/R camera DVR system


Weather:  N/A         

Out Side Temp. N/A           

Inside Temp:   N/A                                    

Humidity: N/A

Moon Phase: N/A

Barometric Pressure:   N/A 


Documented Accounts of paranormal events during investigation:


Personal accounts of investigators during investigation:



Conclusion of investigation:

During the pre investigation it was noted that there were very high EMF readings throughout the home. High EMf readings may cause sensitive persons to have hallucinations, feelings of being watched, paranoia and other side effects. Upon completion of the investigation and reviewing the data, we found no evidence of paranormal activity. It was suggested that the occupants have the home inspected by a licensed electrician to find the cause of the high EMF readings.

Status: Case Closed.