Fort Totten, Bayside, New York


 Date of Investigation: 12 / 10 / 2011 File#: 01-12-2011

Place of Investigation: Fort Totten, Bayside , New York


Larry, Sara, Tom, Javier


Witness accounts of paranormal events:

Apparitions, Voices, Foot steps, Smells of tobacco 

Brief description and history of building or place:


2 Digital Recorders

2 EMF Detectors

2 Digital Camera's

1 Full Spectrum Camera

Weather: Cloudy / Dry   

Wind Direction: Northwest    Wind Speed:  Steady 13mph      Gusts: 23 mph

Sunrise: 7:05 am            Sunset: 4:27 pm

Out Side Temp. 46*

Inside Temp: N/A

Humidity: 53%

Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous Moon

Barometer:  30.29

Biometric: N/A

Visibility: 10 SM

Audio / Video / Still Pictures of Documented Accounts of paranormal events during investigation:

Stiil under review

Personal accounts of investigators during investigation:


Conclusion of investigation:

The Pre Investigation

During the pre investigation conducted by investigators Larry and John, it was noted that there were very high EMF readings in what believe to be the gun powder room and a EVP was captured also in the gunpowder room . Upon completion of the pre investigation and reviewing the data, we found minimal evidence of paranormal activity. 
The Full Investigation:
Due to the  amount of visitors that patronized the Fort at the time of the investigation, most of the data that we compiled was corrupted by sounds and voices by the visitors.The investigators Larry, Sara, Tom and Javier reported that there were no personal accounts of paranormal occurances during the investigation. Although the Fort has a very rich history, we feel due to the lack of paranormal data that was collected , we can not determine if in fact the Fort is haunted or not . A second investigation of the Fort will be conducted in the spring of 2012 to achive a more acurate account of data and to prove or disprove  reports of paranormal activity.

Status: Case Open