Date of Investigation: 04/13/2004                                           File#: 04- 13 - 2004 - 1

Place of Investigation:  3 - 25 125 street College Point, NY

Witnesses  accounts of paranormal events:

Sailor walkin down Staircase with sea bag on his shoulder is believed to be that of Mr. Peterson,former owner of the house.

Current owner's mother was seen at the foot of the staircase ( That is where she passed away due to a heart attack )

A Dog was seen on the basement staircase

The smell of something electrical burning ( Nothing Found )

Voices and a female crying at night

Footsteps coming and going down the livingroom staircase

A Cat on the livingroom staircase

Brief description and history Of building or place:

 One family , two story wood frame house, built Abt. 1900 . Ther were Two owners of the house. First owner was the Peterson Family from 1900 to 1913. Grabher family from 1913 to 2005. In 2005 the house was taken down and new houses were built on the property. 


Investigators: Larry, Mary, Brian, Jennifer 


 2 Digital Camera's

1 Pentex 35mm Camera

1 Video camera


Weather:  Clear                                                   Temp.  45+                                     Humidity: Ukn.

Barometric Pressure:  Ukn.                               Moon Phase: Ukn.


Documented accounts of paranormal events during investigation:


Personal accounts of investigators during investigation:

Smell of something electrical burning

Cold rush of wind passing from left to right by Larry and Mary and then returning from right to left. All the windows were secure and there was no breeze coming into the house. 


Conclusion of investigation:

After interviewing the occupants of the house and their eyewtiness of accounts of paranormal activity that occured and our own personal experiences , we conclude that the Grabher house is haunted by what we believe to be former members of the Peterson and Grabher families.