Date of Investigation:    11/14/2009                       File#: 11-14-2009

Place of Investigation:  College Point, New York

Witness  accounts of paranormal events:

Apparitions of an adult male and female ,Foot Steps, Knocking/Banging,

Brief description and history Of building or place:

The house is a Two family dwelling and was built in 1930. It was reported that five people have died in the house from 1935 to present. From 1930 to 1935 owners are unknown. From 1935 to 1980's the houe was owned by the Hoffmann family. From the 1990's to present the house is owned by the Smith family.


Investigators:  Larry - Sara - Brian - Ian - Suzanne


 2 Camcorders 

 2 EMF Detectors

 2 Digital Recorders

 1 Analog Tape Recorder

 1 RCA VHS Tape Recorder      Weather:  Rain    Out Side Temp.   58*     

 Inside Temp:  70* - 72*         Humidity: N/A

Barometric Pressure:   N/A                              Moon Phase: N/A

Documented Accounts of paranormal events during investigation:

Eight EVP's were captured during the Investigation. No other evidence of paranormal activity reported

Personal accounts of investigators during investigation:

Conclusion of investigation:  

Upon reviewing the evidence, there was no paranormal activity  noted in the house by any of our equipment at the time  of the investigation. Although some of the researchers stated that they had personal accounts of  paranormal activity, we can not conclusively state that  the home has or does not have paranormal activity. We feel that a future investigation is warrented as per the accounts of paranormal activity by the resid ents of the home. We also feel that more research into the area's background and home is needed to obtain a be tter understanding of what may be causing the reported activity. The residents of the home were contacted to set a new  date and time for a follow up investigation. We are currently waitng for there response.  

Hoff reinvest evp 2.mp3


Hoff reinvest evp 3.mp3

Hoff reinvest evp 4.mp3