Case Name:  Hoffmann House Investigation    


Case #:  12-12-09-01                       Date:  12/12/2009               

Address:  College Point, NY 11356             

Contact Name:  Private                                  Phone: Private                        

 E mail: Private 










Case Description:

Reported Paranormal Activity: Apparitions, Foot Steps, Voices

Equipment Used: 


3 Digital Recorders

1 Thermo meter

2  Camcorders

1 Stationary VHS Recorder

1 Digital Camera

 Witness Statements:

1) Name: Occupant – 2nd Floor Apartment

Tenant reported Foot steps – Voices and Apparitions

 2) Name: House Guest – 2nd Floor Apartment

Reported seeing an apparition of a man in the front room ( Porch )


History of Location:


The home was built in 1930. There were 3 owners of the property to date. First occupants are unknown from 1930 until 1935. The Hoffmann family owned the home from 1935 until the 1980’s. The Smith family owned the home from the 1980’s to present. Several deaths occured in the home since it was built. There was always paranormal activity reported ever since the Hoffmann family owned the home.

 House Stats:

 Zoning: R4A Style: Old Style

Lot Frontage: 25.00ft Exterior Wall: Composition

Lot Depth: 100.00ft Garage Type: N/A

Lot Shape: Regular Residential Units: 2

Lot Square Footage: 2,500 Finished Sq. Footage: 1,584

Commercial Units: N/A Commercial Sq. Ftg: N/A

Story Height: 2.00 Garage Sq. Footage: N/A

Building Frontage: 18.00ft Unfinished Sq. Ftg: 792

Building Depth: 44.00ft Neighborhood Type: Residential

Construction Type: Frame

Year Built: 1930

Exterior Condition: Average


EMF Readings:

Reading                      Time                               Place                                     Investigator

 3.0+                           9:30pm               2nd Floor Living Room                         Brian

 2.1                          Unknown               2nd Floor Living Room                         Brian

 2.0+                        Unknown               2nd Floor Living Room                         Brian

 Temp Readings: Base Temp: 68+

Temperature             Time                               Place                            Investigator(s)

            52*                   10:30pm               2nd floor Living Room                 Kristin / Rose     


                                                                Photo Evidence:

                                      * No photo evidence of paranormal activity noted


EVP Evidence:

All evp’s noted  during evidence review except Rose in the 2nd floor bathroom which was heard in real time.

 No:                   Time:                        Place:                           Sounds              

  1                        Ukn.          2nd Floor Living Room                Voice                            

*2                        Ukn.          2nd Floor bathroom                     Voice                            

  3                        Ukn.          2nd Floor Living Room                 Voice             

  4                        Ukn.          2nd Floor Living Room                 Voice

 Personal Experiences:

Investigator : Kristin       Time: 10:00pm                                                    

Place : 2nd Fl. Living Room                                                             

Phenomenon: - Cold Spot

Investigator:  Rose          Time: 11:10pm 

Place: 2nd   Fl. Bathroom                                                                                        

 Phenomenon: - Heard Unknown Voice in Real Time – No investigators in area at time of  phenomenon.


                                                        Investigation Findings:

 After reviewing the evidence, we concluded that the Hoffmann House has very high paranormal activity. Their were  Intelligent spirit EVP’s captured during investigation. None of the activity seems to be of a violent or threaten manner. The Hoffmann House investigation is now closed.



Hoff reinvest evp 2.mp3

hoff re invest evp 5.mp3

Hoff reinvest evp 6.mp3

Hoff Re Invest EVP10 ANA T2.mp3

Hofff Re Invest EVP11 ANA T2.mp3

Hofff Re Invest EVP13 ANA T1.mp3

Hofff Re Invest EVP14 ANA T1.mp3

Hofff Re Invest EVP15 ANA T1.mp3

Hofff Re Invest EVP21ANAT1.mp3