HPRT Paranormal Lectures


In our effort to educate the public about the paranormal,we will discuss what we do and  different theories on the paranormal, HPRT holds regular free lectures in local libraries, book stores and meeting halls. Our lectures consist of Audio,video, photographs and equipment displays. At the end of our presentation, we have a question and answer forum for the guests. 

You will also learn about EVP audio recordings, different types of a haunting, get some hands on equipment training and lots more. 

HPRT will come to your School, Community center, Library or any other location of your choosing. We are a non-profit group, so you get all this at no charge. Most of our lectures are held to raise money for local historical societies, community groups, schools and organizations . If you are interested and inquire more information, please contact us at. Horizonparateam@aol.com