Case #: 08/20/2010

Investigation Date: August 20,2010

House / Building Info: 

Built in 1935. The building is an attatched Stone 2 story apartment building being converted into a 3 story apartment building. 

 Reported Paranormal Activity:

None. Investigation requested before tenants moved in.

Investigators:  Larry, Sara, Ian, Juan


2 Digital Camera's

1 Digital Tape Recorders

1 Analog Tape Recorder

1 EMF Detectors

1 Thermometer

EMF readings:  Normal during investigation

Inside Temperature during investigation: *84 +  

Outside Temp: *80+

Weather:  Clear / Hot

Photo's:  No pictures with paranormal evidence noted

Audio:   No EVP's recorded during investigation

Video: No video with paranormal evidence noted

Investigators Personal Experiences:  None

Summary :

After reviewing the evidence collected during the investigation, we feel that there is no paranormal activity in the home. No follow up investigation needed at this time.