The paranormal investigators of Horizon Paranormal Research  will try to determine if there are any natural reasons for the paranormal phenomenon by conducting a pre investigation of your home or business, conduct interviews and research the past history of your home or business and surrounding area. If warranted, we will contact past occupants and neighbors of the area that we are researching. 

After we collect all the data, we will review it and determine wether we  feel that there is in fact actual paranormal phenomenon occurring at the location. If we do determine that there is paranormal phenomenon occurring, we will set up a date and time to conduct an investigation.

Depending on the severity of the paranormal phenomenon, it may take one or two nights to properly conduct an in depth investigation. After the investigation, we will review the evidence and set up a meeting to discuss our findings with you.      We do not cleanse homes or businesses. If requested, we can assist you in having  your home or business cleansed by a person or clergy of your choice. 

If you feel that you are experiencing any paranormal phenomenon in your home or business or know of someone who is, please contact us, we are very happy to answer all of your questions. All  investigations and consultations are free of charge. 


HPRT Code of Conduct


  • HPRT obeys all federal, state, and municipal laws.

  • HPRT places the well-being of the client and his or her family above all other priorities.

  • HPRT describes in advance to the client (or, in the case of investigations of public venues, the designated contact person) the duration and nature of the investigation, the number and training of investigators who will be present, the nature of data to be collected, and all other considerations that might reasonably be expected to influence the client’s decision to proceed with the investigation.

  • HPRT assures that an investigation does not in any way damage any property of the client, other persons unrelated to the investigation, or any private or public business, organization, or concern.

  • HPRT assures that an investigation does not violate the rights, privacy, or well-being of persons who are not involved in the investigation (such as neighbors, bystanders, and other people in close proximity to an investigation).

  • HPRT does not discuss preliminary interpretations or conclusions with a client during an investigation. All data should be analyzed before any conclusions are shared.

  • HPRT maintains professional composure during an investigation by avoiding expressions of fear and other strong emotions (such as running away from or overreacting to paranormal activity).

  • HPRT refrains from using provocation to elicit paranormal activity except in extreme and unusual circumstances and with prior consent of the client.

  • HPRT discusses all relevant objective data (EVP, EMF, photographic evidence, thermal imaging, personal experiences, etc.) with the client. Typically, evidence is shared both through a face-to-face interaction and via a written report.

  • HPRT refrains from sharing conclusions with the client regarding the identity, nature, motivations, and potential danger of detected activity unless there is a strong evidential basis for such conclusions. In all instances, objective data must be clearly distinguished from interpretations of those data.

  • HPRT shares evidence with other certified paranormal investigators for purposes of re-reanalysis. Such evidence must be de-identified with respect to the identity of the client and location of the activity unless the client agrees in advance to being identified. Investigators who obtain data for secondary analysis must not share it with others in any form without the written consent of the client and the primary investigator.

  • HPRT does not publish or release data from an investigation to the public without signed consent by the client. Data collected in investigations of public venues generally do not need consent.

  • HPRT does not sponsor “ghost hunting” excursions for the public that play upon sensationalism or fear. “Ghost hunting” excursions for the public that focus upon history, local stories, and the acquisition of knowledge about the paranormal are acceptable.

  • HPRT accurately represents the knowledge and experience of him or herself and all members of the investigation team at all times.