Private Residence - Whitestone New York

Date of Investigation: 11 / 2013

Place of Investigation: Whitestone, NY 

Time of Investigation: Start: 7:00pm     End: 10:00pm

Investigators: Larry - Russell

Witness accounts of paranormal events: None

Brief description and history of building or place:  Condominium - Built in the 1960's


2 Digital Recorders

2 EMF Detectors

2 Digital Camera's w / IR

 1 Geophone

1 Video Camera w / IR

1 Motion Detector

Weather:Clear/ Sunny 

Wind Direction: Northwest Wind Speed: Steady 7 mph

Sunrise: 5:33 am Sunset: 5:04 pm

Out Side Temp. High: 66* Low: 55*

Inside Temp: 73

Humidity: 49%

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent Moon

Barometer: 30.21

Biometric: N/A

Visibility: 10 SM

Photo Documented Accounts of paranormal events during investigation:

                No Photograpic Evidence

Audio Documented Accounts of Paranormal Activity

                No Audio Evidence

Personal accounts of investigators during investigation:


Conclusion of investigation:

As per our investigation, we obtained no evidence of paranormal activity at this time. A follow up investigation may be conducted in the future if requested by the owners of the residence.