Case Name:                                   Case #:                         Date:                        Time:

  Private                                         02-20-2009                  04/18/2009                6pm – 12am

 Contact: Private 

Address:    Brooklyn, NY 11234                                                                                                   



Phone:  Private                 




E mail: Private









 Reported Paranormal Activity:

Strange noises

Shadow People


Scratches on Mother and Daughter

Strange Smells


Equipment Used:

DVR w/ 4 night vision camera’s

1 EMF detector

2 Digital Recorders

2 Digital Camera’s

Witness Statements:

 1) Name: Kathleen Porter - Mother

     Noises, Shadows, Voices, Scratches, Smells

 2) Name: Daughter

    Noises, Shadows, Voices, Scratches, Smells

 3) Name: Male Resident # 1

    Reported paranormal activity


4) Name: Male Resident # 2

    No report of paranormal activity


 History of Location:


Due to the witness statements, the paranormal activity has been occuring before the clients moved into the apartment. We believe that the house itself has nothing to do with the paranormal activity that is associated with the Mother and Daughter. So with that understanding, no background research has been done on the building.


EMF Readings:


Reading                      Time                               Place                                     Investigator


1.5 – 5.1                   9:50pm                         Daughters Room                            Carlos


Temp Readings:


Temperature             Time                                  Place                                   Investigator

Not Taken at time of investigation                   


Photographic Evidence:                                                                                                                       


There were no photo’s with paranormal data

Video Evidence:


No Video of paranormal data 


 Investigator                                  Time:                                             Place:                                                 

   James                                         Unknown                             Daughters bed Room



Camera # 1 Moved to the right by itself / No one in the area at time of occurence.


Investigator                                   Time:                                             Place:                                                 

   James                                         Unknown                                      Bed Room



Camera # 3 – Moved several times to the right by itself / James in room at time of occurence. No one touched camera’s


EVP Evidence:


No:           Recorder Time:              Place:                           Sounds                         Investigator

 1                       2:17                            _                    Unexplained Noise                       Carlos

 2                       4:20                            _                    Something being Dragged             Carlos

 3                       17:54                          _                    Steps heard / No one in area        Carlos

 4                       42:15                          _                    Heavy Breathing                           James



                                                                               Personal Experiences:


Investigator                Time:                                              Place:

    Sara                                    11:30pm                             Up Stairs Hallway  - In front of bathroom

Phenomenon:  Touched on the leg by something


Investigator                             Time:                                   Place:

James, Sara                                              10:45pm                                 Upstairs Hallway                         

 Phenomenon:  Seen a dark shadow coming towards them.   


Investigator                             Time:                                  Place:

James                                                      Unknown                                       Staircase

 Phenomenon:  Witnessed an orb move up the stairscase in the direction of  the  roof area . 


Investigator                            Time:                                  Place:

Carlos                                                     10:30pm                                         Staircase

Phenomenon: Witnessed a dark shadow coming down the Staircase and dissapear behind one of the male clients.                                            



Investigation Findings:

Upon reviewing the data, there was talking and movement by the clients and outside noise which made reviewing the data difficult. We feel that there is paranormal activity occurring in the apartment. We feel that the apartment itself has nothing to do with the activity. We also feel that further research into the mothers family background is needed to find the root cause of the paranormal activity. At this time, with the data we gathered, we can not determine  if it is a spirit or entity causing the activity.We suggest a follow up investigation is warranted, but under a more controlled environment.