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" When Things Are Not As They Seem "

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The Horizon Paranormal Team investigates reports of possible paranormal events and folklore.               Most of our  members have  experienced paranormal phenomenon in their lifetime, so you are not          alone.The members  are from all ethnic and religious backgrounds and are knowledgeable in all              known theories of paranormal phenomenon and investigative techniques. If you feel that you or               someone you know may be  victims of paranormal phenomenon, please do not hesitate in                        contacting us, we are here to help.  We do not cleanse homes or businesses, but we can refer you to       people who can possibly help you  if needed.                                                                              .                                 

All investigations and consultations are always confidential and free of charge.                                                                                                                                                                      

- Si usted sabe o suspecha de que alquien pueda estar esperimentando  cualquier tipo o sintomas            de unfenomeno paranoico que pudiera estar sucediendo en su casa o en el trabajo, por favor no             dude en  comunicarse con osotros. Las investigaciones y consultas seran siempre                                    confidentialness y GRATIS. HPRT de Nueva York y el noreste.  Por favor comuniquese con nosotros en el siquiente sitio.                                                                                                                                             

Join The HPRT Team! 

If you are interested in the paranormal and  wish to be part of the most elite paranormal research teams in Tri State, go to our Membership page and complete the re membership application. 
You must be 18+ years old and live in one of the five boroughs of New York City to join.

   Lectures on the Paranormal

 In our effort to educate the public about the paranormal, HPRT holds regular free lectures in local libraries, book stores, schools, meeting halls or a place of your choosing. Our lectures consist of  EVP audio recordings, different types of a haunting, hands on equipment training and more. At the end of our presentation, we have a question and answer forum for the guests. We are a non-profit group, so you get all this at no charge. Most of  our lectures are held to raise money for local historical societies, community groups, schools and organizations. If you are interested and require more information, please contact us at.Please click on the " Help " button on the right. Please complete the form. Thank you.


HPRT offers the opportunity to be a   guest  on one of our investigations.    Please complete form below for         more  information. Note: You MUST   be 18 Years or  older to be a guest     investigator.                                        

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If you have community news to share, please send it to us and we will post it  in our community news bulletin.               

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Are you are experiencing  any paranormal phenomenon in your home or business or know of someone who is, please contact us, we are very happy to answer all of your questions. All investigations and consultations are free of charge. Please click on the " Help "  button and complete the form.