Date of Investigation:  10/25/2008                                                   File#:10-25-08

Place of Investigation:  College Point, New York                 

Witness  accounts of paranormal events:

Footsteps on staircase

Items in house missing then reappearing in a different location  

Brief description and history Of building or place:

The House is a wood frame, two story, one family dwelling and was built in 1925. There has been only 2 previous owners of the house.


 Investigators:    Larry, James, Brian, Benjamin, Frank, Carlos, Antonio 


 3 Digital Camera's

 3 Digital Recorders

 1 Analog Tape Recorder

 2 EMF Meters

 1 Camcorder

 Weather:  Cloudy / Rain                                Temp.                                                Humidity

Wind: Gusty - 8 -10 mph                   Barometric Pressure:  N/A                               Moon Phase: N/A

 Accounts of documented paranormal data during investigation:


 2 EVP's :

#1:  Male Voice - Inauditable   

# 2: Female Child Sighing

Photo Data Recorded:

 Picture of an orb moving up the rear wall of the house near the back window. 

Personal accounts of investigators during investigation:


Conclusion of investigation

The investigation only lasted 3 hours. Although we captured two EVP’s, and  2 pictures of orbs, this is not enough time to do a thorough investigation. The team needs the minimum of at least 6 – 8  hours to get conclusive data. At this time, we feel with the data that we collected, that the house has minimal  paranormal activity, but not haunted.