Date of Investigation: Febuary 17, 2014  + Febuary 27.2014          

File#: 02- 17 - 2014 - 1

Place of Investigation:  College Point, Queens, NY

Witnesses accounts of paranormal events:

Voices, Apparitions,Footsteps 


Brief description and history Of building or place:  

The land was the estate of Captain William Lawrence. He and his family owned the land from  the late 1660's to the early 1900's.  Present day: Currently on the property is a One family , two story wood frame house, built 1965. There were Two owners of the house.  


Larry, Javier, Russell



2 Digital Recorders

1 Ram Pod

2 Digital Camera's

4 camera I/R DVR system

2 Motion detectors

Weather: Clear Temp. 35+

Humidity: Low

Barometric Pressure: Ukn.

Moon Phase: Full

Documented accounts of paranormal events during investigation

Strange Banging,  EVP's , Ram Pod activated during questioning.

Personal accounts of investigators during investigation:

Real time EVP's heard, Sounds and banging, Footsteps and shuffling  around

Conclusion of investigation:  

The investigators had several strange occurances while conducting the investigation. After reviewing the data collected during the investigation, there were 29 EVP's captured. We feel that a re investigation with a larger crew is needed to properly conduct a more through  investigation of the property.


Lawrence Smith..mp3

kill scott.mp3.MP3


Jennifer Lee.MP3

what about Kerri.mp3.MP3