Date of Investigation: 7/ 10 /2012                            File#: 07-1-2012

Place of Investigation: Maritime Museum , New York State

Time of Investigation: Start 12:00pm End 4:00pm


John, Jimmy, Javier, Andrew ( Investigator Trainee )

Investigator accounts of paranormal events:

Mist / Fog ,Voices ,Foot steps,  Sound of Sonar beeps

Brief description and history of building or place:


3 Digital Recorders

2 EMF Detectors

3 Digital Camera's

Franks Box



Weather: Sunny / Dry

Wind Direction: Northwest Wind Speed: Steady 13mph Gusts: 23 mph

Sunrise: 7:05 am Sunset: 5:27 pm

Out Side Temp. 85*

Inside Temp: N/A

Humidity: 53%

Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous Moon

Barometer: 30.29

Biometric: N/A

Visibility: 10 SM


Photo Documented Accounts of paranormal events during investigation:

* None

Audio Documented Accounts of Paranormal Activity

* 12 EVP's ( Franks Box and Ovilous ) ( Under Review )

Personal accounts of investigators during investigation:

*  Invesigators heard 4 EVP's real time via Franks box and Ovilous)


Conclusion of investigation:

We feel that the museum has a high volume of paranormal activity but is not haunted. This final conclusion is  in accordance with the standards set by HPRT.