Gettysburg Town, Soldiers Cemetery and Battlefield

Investigation:  April 14, 2017 - April 17, 2017                           File#: 04 - 14 -2017

Time of Investigation: Daytime    Start: 9:00 am        End: 10:00 pm

Reported witness accounts of paranormal events:

Apparitions of soldiers and horses

Voices, sounds of cannon fire and horses running

Investigators:  Larry - Mary


1 Digital Recorder

1 Digital Camera

2 Cellphone camera's 

Weather: Friday thru Sunday: Clear   Temp. 67*  Humidity: 10%   Monday: Rain in morning - Clear in afternoon 57*

Barometric Pressure: N/A                             Moon Phase: N/A

Documented accounts of paranormal events during investigation:

Photo's : 2 

EVP's: None

Personal accounts from investigators during investigation:

Mary : None
Larry: None

Conclusion of investigation: 


Note: All evidence is subject to viewers interpretation
 Gettysburg battlefield - Face in the grass
 Photo of Battlefield not cropped - Face to the left below tree line 
The face of a male or female in the window - House was closed and no one was inside  when this photo was taken
Photo of house not cropped - Face in the window to the left