Case Name:  Private             Case #:  1 - 2 -21 -09                      


Date:  02 – 21 -  2009            

Contact Name:  Private

Address: Middle Village, NY                                                             







 Case Description: Reported Paranormal Activity.

      1)   Husband claimed that he felt Paralyzed while laying in bed

     2)   Clients stated that they see Shadow people

     3)   Clients state that have a Feeling of despair/ Uneasy feeling like

           someone is watching them in the apartment.

     4)   While laying in bed, husband stated that he felt like someone was sitting

           on his chest and could not breath.



Equipment Used:

    2 Digital Cameras

   1 EMF Meters

   1 Thermo Temperature Scanner

   1 Digital Recorder

   1 Analog Recorder ( Tape )

   1 Stationary Sony Camcorder w/ Infrared Light

  Witness Statements:

  1) Name:  Husband

               1) Stated that he felt Paralyzed while laying in bed

               2) Stated that they see Shadow people

               3) Stated that have a Feeling of despair/ Uneasy feeling like

                     someone is watching them in the apartment.

              4)  StatedWhile laying in bed, husband stated that he felt like someone

                   was  sitting on his chest and could not breath.


 2) Name:  Wife          

               1) Stated that they see Shadow people

               2) Stated that have a feeling of despair/ uneasy feeling like

                    someone is watching them in the apartment


                                                                      History of Location:

 Original house was built in the 1930’s. The original home was torn down and a new 3 story home was built on the site in 2005. No further information on home.


EMF Readings:

   Place                                    Reading                                     Investigator

 Front Door Area:                  EMF-Normal 0                                   Jimmy

Living Room:                         EMF-Normal  0                                   Jimmy

Hall Area:                             EMF-Normal 0                                     Jimmy         

Kids Room:                          EMF-Normal 0                                     Jimmy

Kitchen:                               EMF-Normal 0                                      Jimmy

Master Bedroom:                 EMF-Normal 0                                      Jimmy

Bathroom:                            EMF-Normal 0                                      Jimmy   


 Temp Readings: Base

Place                                  Temperature                                      Investigator 

Front Door Area:                TEMP 72 - 75                                        Heather

Living Room:                      TEMP 72 - 75                                        Heather

Hall Area:                            TEMP 72 - 75                                       Heather

Kids Room # 1:                   TEMP 72 - 75                                       Heather

Kids Room # 2:                   TEMP  72 – 75                                     Heather

Kitchen:                               TEMP 72 - 75                                      Heather

Master Bedroom:                 TEMP 72 - 75                                      Heather

Bathroom:                            TEMP 72 - 75                                      Heather


   Photo Evidence: 


Photo’s#  293 through 303: Streaks of energy forming in living room. After closer examination of the photo’s, research of the energy streaks and furthur examination by professional photographers, it was determind that the energy streaks were made from the slow shutter speed of the camera when it is in the nightshot  mode. There were no signs of any paranormal acticity in the pictures that were taken during the investigation

 EVP Evidence: 



 No:                   Time:                        Place:                           Sounds                         Investigator


001                                      First Bed Room on left       Voice “Buenos Dias”              Jimmy

002                                             Living Room                 Sound – A Knock             Jimmy / Heather         

003                                             Living Room                 Sound – A Knock             Jimmy / Heather 


Personal Experiences:

Investigator:                                                                                   Place: 

Jimmy – Cold spot  / Uneasy feeling                                              Living Room 

Heather – Feeling a presence / Sick feeling                                    Living Room



Paranormal Phenomenon witnessed by Investigators:  None

        Investigation Findings: 

 Upon completion of the investigation and reviewing the evidence, we feel that the findings are inconclusive. After researching the clients feeling of being paralyzed while laying in bed, we discovered this paralisis is possibly due to  “ Old hag Witches Syndrome”. This is a fairly common sleep disorder that effects thousands of people yearly, and may not be a paranormal occurance. Due to the short period of time that we had to conduct the investigation, we  feel that a follow up investigation may be needed in the future so that to get more conclusive data and determine  if ther is in fact any paranormal activity in the apartment.

 Case Status: Open