Date of Investigation:  07/01/ 2005                                                  File#: 07 / 01 / 2005 - 1

Place of Investigation:  Kohlrosser House

Witness  accounts of paranormal events:

Mist in Kitchen ,Voices ,Footsteps B

rief description and history Of building or place: 

 Unknown at this time Investigators:  Frank, Jennifer

Equipment:   1 digital Camera 


Weather:  Ukn.                                                   Temp.    80+*                                       Humidity: Low 

Barometric Pressure:  Ukn.                               Moon Phase: Ukn.


Documented accounts of paranormal events during investigation: 


Personal accounts of investigators during investigation: 

 Mist, Footsteps

Conclusion of investigation: 

 Investigation was inconclusive due to lack of needed equiment to conduct a proper investigation.