Date of Investigation:  5 / 29 / 2009                                         File#: 002 - 05-29-09

Place of Investigation:  Mt. Misery Road, Huntington, NY

Time of Investigation:  Daytime      Start : 1:00pm                    End: 5:00pm 

Reported witness  accounts of paranormal events:


Burning specters

Sounds of wagons and horses


Brief description and history Of building or place:

This is where Sweet Hollow Road leads to (well, include some back roads. The place is now a state park, but in the 1840's there was a hospital there that burnt down. 15 years later it was rebuilt, and from then on moaning and cries for help were reported by the staff. Five months later another fire burnt the place down. Today burning specters can be seen



 Larry - Brian - Jimmy - Antonio


 3 digital Camera's

 3 Digital Recorders

 3 EMF Detectors


Weather:   Clear / Warm                Temp.   73*                                             Humidity: 70%

Barometric Pressure:  Ukn.                               Moon Phase: N/A

 Documented accounts of paranormal events during investigation:  None

Personal accounts of investigators during investigation:  None

 Conclusion of investigation:

 After reviewing the data from the investigation, we concluded that there was no paranormal activity at Mt. Misery Road. We may conduct an additional investigation to back up our findings.