Date of Investigation:    11 / 17 / 2007                                                 File#: 004 - 11 - 17 - 07

Place of Investigation:  LeHavre Co op

Time of Investigation:  Daytime  Start : 4:00pm           End : 8:00pm 

Reported witness  accounts of paranormal events:

Seen an old man near the bathroom hallway

The toilet flushing by itself

Pressure on the bottom of the bed like someone was sitting on it

The makeup mirror on the bathroom wall falls of the wall and rolls across a shag rug and stops at the base of the bathroom tub. The mirror is concave and does not roll. Also there is always a rug on the floor. 

Brief description and history Of building or place:

Building was constructed in the early 1960's. It is a nine story, 36 apartment complex.It was reported that a neighbor was thrown from the 5th floor balcony to her death by her boyfriend . The occupants moved out of the apartment in 2009.



 Larry,  Nancy, Frank, Antonio


 2 Camcorders

2 Digital Camera's

2 Digital Recorders


Weather:  Rain                                                   Temp.  40*                       Humidity: 100%

Barometric Pressure:   Unk.                              Moon Phase: N/A


Documented accounts of paranormal events during investigation:

 One video clip of a shadow of a man's head in the bathroom . No investigators were near the bathroom at the time the video was taken. 

Personal accounts of investigators during investigation:

 Larry - Shadow of a person moving from the livingroom towards the bathroom just before the shadow of the head was video taped.  

Conclusion of investigation:

 After reviewing the data collected during the investigation, we conclude that the apartment has paranormal activity but not haunted. We also believe that the spirit or spirits are non threaten to the occupants of the apartment.