Date of Investigation: 01 /  28 / 2017          File#: 01-28-2017 - 11

Place of Investigation:     New York 

Time of Investigation: Start: 5:00pm           End: 9:00pm

Investigator (s):    Larry 





Witness accounts of possible paranormal events:

  Shadows - Voices - Objects moving from one location to another   - Objects being thrown - Clients being pushed / touched

Brief description and history of building or place:

Two  family attached  dwelling made of brick.  -  Built in 2005 


DVR system with 4 camera's

3  Digital Camera's

3 Digital Recorders

IR Thermometer

2 Motion Detectors

2 K 2 Meters

1 Rampod

Weather:Clear/ Sunny / Breezy

Wind Direction: N/A

Sunrise: N/A

Out Side Temp. High: 42* 

Inside Temp: N/A

Humidity: 10%

Moon Phase: N/A

Barometer: N/A

Biometric: N/A

Visibility: 10 SM

Photo Documented Accounts of paranormal events during investigation:


Audio Documented Accounts of Paranormal Activity

11 EVP's - The # 3 EVP was found to be the sound of a zipper on a tripod bag. Deleted from evidence.

Personal accounts of investigators during investigation:

Banging, Voices, Foot Steps, cold spots

Conclusion of investigation:

Upon completion of the data review, there were EVP's captured. Their were no photo or video evidence  captured. We feel that the presence is non threaten. The activity has been occurring since 2005. No further investigation is warranted at this time.



Lawrence J Smith
Operations Manager
Horizon Paranormal Research Team Of New York

  • Please use headphones when listening to EVP's. 

EVP 1 - Yea.mp3


EVP 4 - SHHHHH - Sound.mp3

EVP5 - Where you going.mp3

EVP6 - Voice talking.mp3

EVP 7 - OK.mp3

EVP 8 - Breath.mp3

EVP9 - Double Knock.mp3

EVP10 - Yes.mp3

EVP11 - Movement.mp3

EVP12 - Movement - Sliding.mp3