Case Name:   Mejia                         Case #: 10 – 23 - 2008

Investigation Date: 11 / 15 / 2008


Case Name:                          Case #:                                Date:                                         Time:

      Mejia                       10 – 23 – 2008                      11 / 15 /2008                        3:30pm – 8:00pm


Investigators:  Larry,James,Benjamin,Antonio

Case Description: Reported Paranormal Activity.

1) Apparitions of old women in 1800’s clothing near fire place.

2) Things go missing then show up somewhere else.

3) Little boy seen twice in Daughters room.

4) Family including her mother & Father seen a black shadow in the apartment.

5) Special Education teacher stated that she was placing her cell phone into the

wall to charge it and it was pulled out of her hand, then levitated and then the

flew into the fire place.

The Teacher never returned to the apartment.

6) After putting groceries away, Client left the kitchen and when she returned all

the cabinet doors were open as was the refrigerator. She confronted her

daughter and asked why she left the cabinets and refrigerator open, she stated

that she was not in the kitchen at all.

Equipment Used:

Digital Cameras

2 EMF Meters

1 Thermo Temperature Scanner

3 Digital Recorders

1 Analog Recorder

Witness Statements:

1) Name: Francis Mejia

Stated she seen an apparition of a women in 1800’s period clothing.

Reported that she has seen a dark shadow and stated that the

kitchen cabinets opened by themselves.

2) Name: Daughter

She stated that she has seen 2 small children in her bedroom.

3) Name: Teacher

Reported to ms. Mejia that when she went to plug her cell phone into the wall electric outlet to be charged, it levitated out of her hand and flew into the fireplace.

4) Name: Father of Francis

Mr. Mejia stated that he has seen a black shadow in the Francis’s apartment.

5) Name: Mother of Francis:

Reported that she came into Francis’s apartment and said “Hi, is anyone here” she heard a voice respond “Yes “I am here”.


Building Type: 13 story Apartment Building + Pent House

Built: About 1892

Owner: Columbia University

Other Notes:

Back in the mid 1800's part of Morningside Heights was known as Bloomingdale Road (110 street through 122nd Street) it was redeveloped in between 1867-1869 and was known as Broadway Malls. On that property stood the Bloomingdale Lunatic Asylum! In 1892 Columbia University purchased the land that The Bloomingdale Asylum was on. In 1890 fashionable hotels and apartments were being built in that area.

Bloomingdale Lunatic Asylum Or The New York Lunatic Asylum Established 1808 and no longer remaining.
Location of former grounds:
Columbia University, Morningside Heights in New York City.
One of the oldest in the United States, this asylum started out in the cellar of the north wing of New York Hospital, which was a general hospital. It got its own building in 1808, the New York Lunatic Asylum, which was renamed as the Bloomingdale Asylum in 1821. The modern descendent of this asylum is the Westchester division of the New York Hospital in White Plains: the asylum moved there in 1894. Columbia University now occupies the former site. A guidebook proclaimed of the site (when it was still an asylum): "it occupies a most beautiful and commanding site...the central building is always open to visitors and the view from the top of it, being the most extensive and beautiful of any in the vicinity of the city, is well worthy of attention." Buell Hall of Columbia University is the only asylum building remaining. This striking building with its stained glass windows was the Asylum's administration building, and is the oldest building on the college campus.


EMF Readings:

     Place                                         Reading                                                  Investigator

Front Door Area:                    EMF-Normal 0                                              Benjamin

Living Room:                           EMF-Normal,                

Hall Area:                              EMF-Normal 0

Kids Room:                            EMF-Normal

Kitchen:                                 EMF-Normal 0

Master Bedroom:                  EMF-Normal 0

Bathroom:                               EMF-Normal 0


Temp Readings:

Place Temperature Investigator

Front Door Area: TEMP 80-81 Benjamin

Living Room: TEMP 74-76 Benjamin

Hall Area: TEMP 80-81 Benjamin

Kids Room: TEMP 79-81 Benjamin

Kitchen: TEMP 79-80 Benjamin

Master Bedroom: TEMP 76-78 (AC Recently Turned Off) Benjamin

Bathroom: TEMP 78-79 Benjamin


Photo# 2: Streak of energy moving up to the ceiling. – see attached sheet


EVP Evidence:

No: Time: Place: Sounds Investigator

Personal Experiences:


Investigator                                   Time:                                  Place:                                                      OccurranceLarry                                             Unkn.                            Master Bedroom                          Recorder knocked out of hand

Jimmy                                           Unkn.                            Daughters Bedroom                Closet door flew open by its self. When   

                                                                                                                                              he tried to close it, he could not,  like something 

                                                                                                                                             was forcing it to stay open. Tried to open and 

                                                                                                                                             close closet later on and worked fine.



Upon completion of the investigation and reviewing the evidence, we feel that the apartment does have level 3 paranormal activity. We also feel that some of he spirits are residual in nature and some of the spirits are intelligent in nature. We feel that the intelligent spirits are non threatening to the occupants. We also feel that a follow up investigation may be needed in the future to get a better understanding of whom or what may be causing the paranormal activity.