Roslyn Cemetery, Greenvale, NY


Date of Investigation:   11/17 / 2010                           File#: 11 - 17 - 2010


Time of Investigation:  Start :10:00am                         End: 5:00pm  


Larry, Sara



Temp: 56* Clear

Humidity: 15% 

Barometric Pressure: Moon Phase:  N/A

Accounts of paranormal events during investigation:


Witness accounts of paranormal events:


Data Evidence:

Audio Evidence: None

Video Evidence: None

Photo Evidence: None


1 EMF Detector

2 Digital Camera's

1 Video Camera

2 Digital Recorders Description and history Of building or place:

The Roslyn Cemetery is located on route 25 A (Northern Blvd) in the town of Greenvale, Nassau County, New York. The "Roslyn Cemetery" is owned by the Roslyn Presbyterian Church which is located within the Village of Roslyn. The "Roslyn Cemetery" is a product of the "Rural Cemetery Act" of which one of the many intents was to move burial grounds away from the local church and community as well as to design the grounds in a park like setting. This is clearly evident in the "Roslyn Cemetery" which is more like a botanical garden then a cemetery. Internments in the "Roslyn Cemetery" are as early as the 1800s and it continues to accept burials today. The "Roslyn Cemetery" has many notable figures as well as a section dedicated to fallen Civil War soldiers.

The "East Gate Toll House" which sits on the south east side of the "Roslyn Cemetery" and is clearly seen from Northern Blvd.(route 25A) is the last remaining toll house that served the North Hempstead Turnpike. The "East Gate Toll House" was built around 1864. This structure is frequently but incorrectly referred to as being a toll house for the Vanderbilt Motor Parkway which ran considerably south of this location. Over the years the toll road had ceased operation and the main road was moved south of the toll house. The "Roslyn Cemetery" eventually surrounded the property. This structure sat unoccupied for many years and served little more than a shed for cemetery work tools.

For many years it was the desire of Roger Gerry (President of the Roslyn Landmark Society) to restore the structure but it was not within the budget of the Roslyn Presbyterian Church.

In the early 1980s, an agreement was formed between the Roslyn Presbyterian Church, Roger Gerry (President of the Roslyn Landmark Society)and Richard Hahn to restore the structure. An agreement was made that Richard Hahn would restore the structure at his time and expense to the specifications of the Roslyn Landmark Society. In return Richard Hahn would utilize the structure for his own residence for a number of years. A historical architect prepared detailed drawings, microscopic paint analysis was done on every surface and after two years the restoration was completed as per the specifications. The "East Gate Toll House" at times is included in the annual walking tour of Roslyn. A very detailed decsription of the history of the "East Gate Toll House", written by Dr.Roger Gerry can be found in one of the "Roslyn Walking Tour Guides" issued by the "Roslyn Landmark Society". The "East Gate Toll House" is also on the national register of historic places.

The "Roslyn East Gate Toll House" continues to be a private residence


Conclusion of Investigation:

Upon review of data collected during the investigation, there was no accounts of paranormal activity. We feel that Roslyn Cemetery is not haunted nor does it have any known or recorded paranormal activity.