Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Tarrytown, New York

Date of Investigation: 05 /20/ 2012                            File#: 05-20-2012

Place of Investigation:Sleepy Hollow Tarytown, New York

Time of Investigation: Start:  9:00am             End:  4:00pm


John, Sara, Jimmy, Javier

Witness accounts of paranormal events:

Apparitions ( Headless Horseman ), Voices, Foot steps, Sounds of Horses 

Brief description and history of building or place:


3 Digital Recorders

2 EMF Detectors

3 Digital Camera's


Weather:Clear/ Sunny / Breezy 

Wind Direction: Northwest Wind Speed: Steady 10mph 

Sunrise: 5:33 am Sunset: 8:04 pm

Out Side Temp.  High: 75*     Low: 55*

Inside Temp: N/A

Humidity: 49%

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent Moon

Barometer: 30.21

Biometric: N/A

Visibility: 10 SM

Photo Documented Accounts of paranormal events during investigation:


Audio Documented Accounts of Paranormal Activity


Personal accounts of investigators during investigation:


Conclusion of investigation:

Upon completion of the data review, there were no audio or photographic accounts of paranormal activity. We feel that a re investigation of Sleepy Hallow cemetery is warrented in the near future.