Date of Investigation:   06/10/2006                                                  File#:   006-10-2006

Place of Investigation:  College Point, New York

Time of Investigation:  Start:  6:00pm                   End:  11:00 pm

Witness  accounts of paranormal events:

Voices of a female child, Footsteps, Objects moving from one place to another, Sounds of furniture moving during the night.

Brief description and history Of building or place:

The home is a single 2 story house built in 1965. The Rolle family owned the house until the 1970's. The Grabher family owned the house from the 1970's to 2005. From 2005 to present the Smith family ownes the house. No reported deaths in the house or on the property.


 Larry - Brian


 1 Digital Camera

 1 Digital Recorder

 1 Analog Tape Recorder

1 Thermometer

 1 Camcorder


Weather:   Clear                                          Temp.   65*                                    Humidity: N/A

Barometric Pressure:   N/A                              Moon Phase: N/A


Accounts of paranormal events during investigation:

 One EVP - Female Child Saying " Hello " in the upstairs bedroom on the left.

Personal accounts of investigators during investigation:

 Smell of something burning, Objects moving across the floor, Foot steps on the staircase.

Conclusion of investigation:

Upon review of the collected data and personal accounts of the investigators, we conclude that the home has minimal paranormal activity. We are currently researching the possibility of a female child who possibly died on the property prior to the house being built.

Case Status:  Closed