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I am the founding member of HPRT and associate member of the Institute of Forensic Parapsychology. I am a retired NYC peace officer and studied police sciences at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. I  was born and raised in a home that I considered ( and many other people)as haunted. After experiencing many paranormal occurrences throughout my life, I formed HPRT in January of 2005 for those who also have experienced paranormal occurances in their life. The objective of HPRT is try to understand why some people have paranormal experiences and others do not. We at HPRT strive have a  better understanding of the paranormal and to help others who are also experiencing paranormal phenomena. I have a law enforcement background and have been trained in all aspects of investigative techniques which helps me in being a paranormal investigator. I will never stop looking for the answers for why these occurrences take place.



                                      Lead  Investigator


I joined HPRT because I m looking to learn more about my personal paranormal experiences and the paranormal in general. I had many experiences while growing up and still do. For years I had no one to talk to who could understand what I was going through. Since I joined HPRT I found people with the same interest and seeking the same answers to the paranormal as well. I found that I can talk about my experiences and know that they are there to listen. I’m seeking to understand and explore more about the paranormal, such as Who, What, When and Where. I want to find out why spirits exist and be able to communicate with them. I am also looking to help others understand their own experiences and to help them not fear the paranormal and to live in comfort. I work for a restoration company and I am the equipment runner. I have to enter all sorts of houses, buildings and apartments and some of the time these places are active with paranormal phenomenon. It is an awesome experience when you get activity while you are working. As an investigator, my job helps me feel comfortable in unfamiliar places and communicating with people in stressful situations. 



I’ve had some previous experiences with the paranormal. It never made me scared or nervous, it just always peeked my curiosity. As I get older, I wonder where do we go and why do some spirits seem to stay on earth and some spirits go to heaven (my catholic background). My quest for the answer has lead me to become a member. For every answer we get, there are five more questions.  It’s the scientific approach that we take that really gets me excited about what we may find. I truly believe the paranormal is everywhere and if we just reach out, they’ll reach out to us .                                                                   

Horizon Paranormal Research Team

Fort Lee, Virginia
E Mail: horizonparateam@aol.con 

John Noto
HPRT Investigator and Friend
- 2017
You will be forever missed.
Rest In Peace