VSAH Case File

VSAH  Investigation, Valley Stream, New York
Date: February 25, 2019
Investigators: Jimmy and Larry
Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Area Investigated:  2nd Floor and Attic

Equipment: 4  Digital Recorders , Rem Pod,  2 I Phone Camera's , Assorted trigger items.  

VSH Attic EVP Female I said sit down.mp3

VSH Attic EVP2A Shhh.mp3

VSH Attic EVP4 Inaudible voice.mp3

VSH Attic EVP5 Tapping.mp3

VSH Attic EVP6 Inaudible Voice.mp3

VSH Attic EVP7 Yea.mp3

VSH Attic EVP8 Female American Dream.mp3

VSH EVP 11 Oh Yea There is a guy here.mp3

VSH EVP 10 Inaudible Voice.mp3

VSH EVP 12 Oh Inaudible Voive Male.mp3

VSH EVP 13 Male Voice Hate You.mp3

VSH EVP1 A Voice.mp3